IMG_5465Born in the UK in 1985, Daniel grew up in Canberra, Australia. After taking up the guitar at the age of 13, he soon developed an interest in improvisation. At 17 Daniel began a bachelor of music majoring in jazz performance at the Australian National University School of Music. Daniel graduated with honours in 2006 and continued to work as a teacher and performer in Canberra, playing a wide variety of styles in a diverse range of performance situations. Daniel left for Europe in late 2007, and found himself in Geneva where he decided to based himself for the next 4 years as a teacher, performer and composer.

In 2009 the Daniel Hunter Trio was formed with Swiss drummer Alain Reider, and French bassist Dominique Giezendanner. The trio gave regular performances of Daniel’s original music in Switzerland and France.

In 2011 Daniel made the move to Paris with the aim of further developing his original projects. As well has his soon to be released quartet album “The Twentieth”, Daniel’s current projects include the jazz duo Passiflora with vocalist An Liz, and Swing group the Don LaRue Combo. He has also appeared with Guillaume Perret, Melissa Cox, Chris Cody, Peta Gammie, Alex Stuart, the Paris Tap Crew, Roxanne Butterfly, Massimo Pinca and Liv Monaghan.

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